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Communicating with others about your divorce: Part II

10002869_S.jpgEarlier this week, we began a discussion about the dos and don'ts of divorce-related communication. Because a divorce or child custody dispute is a private matter, you shouldn't feel obligated to tell everyone you know or to share more than you are comfortable with.

Who you tell, when you tell them and what you tell them are, for the most part, up to you. That being said, people are naturally curious and may ask a lot of questions - including seeking information that is none of their business. Therefore, it's a good idea to set boundaries ahead of time and have a messaging strategy when it comes to telling others about your divorce.

Communicating with others about your divorce: Part I

10643893_S.jpgCommunication these days rarely comes with the assumption of privacy that it once enjoyed. In the past, most conversations were verbal and unrecorded. Now, we often communicate with others through written (albeit electronic) means: email, texting, social media posts, etc.

Most of the time, this poses no problem. After all, you probably don't have anything to hide. But during a divorce, communication in all forms takes on a new significance and a greater need for privacy and discretion. And that's what we'll be discussing in our next two posts.

A few tips about going through a divorce

10095871_S.jpgDivorce can be a tough time for everyone in the family, and there are a lot of important matters that need to be handled throughout the divorce. Emotions will run high, and there will be times where you just want to curl up into a ball and give up. There's no hiding it: divorce is tough.

However, the alternative is just as bad, if not worse. Staying in an unsatisfactory or irreparably broken marriage can wreak havoc on a person's mental and emotional well-being. Divorce can actually be a great solution for many people who are suffering in an unacceptable marriage.

Legal separation and divorce are two very different things

27898590_S.jpgImagine that a married couple, after years being together, starts to see some fractures in their relationship. Though they try to patch things up, the relationship just keeps getting worse and, eventually, they decide it is time to do something about it. Instead of immediately filing for divorce, the couple talks about their options. They are considering a legal separation as opposed to a divorce.

So what's the difference? What makes a separation, and what makes a divorce?

What dads can do to be there for their kids after divorce

13460126_S.jpgBeing a parent is often difficult, and it is even harder after divorce. Many divorced dads want to stay actively involved in their children's lives, which is complicated when the custody and visitation agreement is unbalanced.

This leaves frustrated dads wondering: How can I best be there for my kids? How can I help them heal from the divorce and build a strong relationship with them with the limited time I have? Although it isn't easy, it can be done; and that's what we'll discuss in today's post.

Cohabitation agreements can help unmarried couples split equitably

8549583_S.jpgDivorce happens every day in the United States, and it seems like celebrity divorces are even more frequent (but only because they receive media attention). With celebrity divorce comes discussion about prenuptial agreements, infidelity, child support and all matter of other issues - legal and personal.

What's rare, however, is to hear about a celebrity split with none of these factors in place. Indeed, some famous actors end long-term relationships without even getting divorced. As one example, it was recently announced that "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm is splitting from girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt after an 18-year relationship. Although the split seems amicable, it is nonetheless an opportunity to discuss legal protections for couples who opt for cohabitation over marriage.

More and more parents building up college savings for their kids

3560034_S.jpgParents want their children to have a bright future. There are many things parents do to try to secure a strong future for their kids. One such thing is save up money to help with their children's future college costs.

Building up college savings for the kids is something that has been becoming increasingly common among parents in recent years. According to statistics from Fidelity, between 2007 and 2013, the percentage of families who reported saving up for future college expenses for their children rose from 58 percent to 69 percent.  

Verdict against fertility clinic is a win for fathers' rights

There's no debating the fact that reproductive science has come a long way in recent decades. These advances have allowed children to be conceived and born to couples who previously could not have biologically related kids.

But reproductive technology is also creating some tricky legal issues, especially when it comes to matters of child custody, child support and fathers' rights. A recent case did not occur here in Missouri, but it is a situation that men might face nearly anywhere in the country.