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How do judges make the decisions the do?

Court proceedings are often confusing to participants. Family law cases involve very specific factual situations that often bring with them very strong feelings. For those involved, it can be difficult to separate the emotional from the legal and they may wind up being frustrated or disappointed in the outcome.

Custody determinations are among the most difficult. Deciding how much time a child will spend with a parent is an intensely personal and emotional decision, yet judges must make these choices when the couple cannot compromise and submit an agreed parenting plan.

It may seem amusing until the cops get called in

It probably happens thousands of time a day across the nation. A parent takes a child's cellphone away due to some transgression. While cellphones have become embedded in the culture and society, a child's possession of a cellphone is still a matter of parental discretion.

The situation becomes more complex when the parents are no longer married, as happens after a divorce, or in this recent case, were never married. The daughter sent a disparaging text of her father's girlfriend and children. The father took her cellphone away. The daughter went to a friend's home and called her mother.

Now there is even an app for divorce

20310302_S.jpgTechnology has had an impact on divorce in this country. Cellphones, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have already played roles in divorce cases. Errant spouses may use the phones to plan illicit meetings while their spouses may use them to track those meetings.

Divorcing couples may post pictures on Facebook or rants on Twitter that may come back in unfortunate ways as evidence in a divorce hearing.

Will divorce end your business?

46806718_S.jpgDuring a divorce, spouses tend not to be on very good terms with each other, which is not unexpected given the circumstance. For most, much of the communication can be directed through their attorneys. If they have children, there may be some additional forced contact, during hand-offs with their child or children, but even there, their attorney can help them develop a routine to reduce the likely hood of conflict.

But there is one circumstance where ongoing contact is necessary and essential. If the couple operates a business together, they may have to put personal, emotional self-interest aside and focus on their financial self-interest.

Do you & your co-parent have consistent media rules for the kids?

15728771_S.jpgMore and more often, courts in Missouri are attempting to award joint child custody when it is possible and reasonable to do so. Even if former spouses have trouble getting along, it is often in the children's best interest to maintain a relationship with both parents.

This, of course, can lead to some co-parenting headaches. In today's post, we'd like to discuss one issue that you might face if you share custody with your ex. That issue is how to manage your children's access to media and electronic devices consistently between both households.

Do you need a child support modification?

27415410_S.jpgChild support payments are often a contentious subject for many couples involved in a divorce with children. While the amount of the child support payment is mechanical, in that the Missouri legislature has created a formula and there is a table that indicates the amount of support owed for a specific gross income.

But that table is only part of the discussion, and income of both parents, the property they own and type of parenting plan they have will affect the final amount ordered by the court.

Don't ignore child support payment problems

42706145_S.jpgChild support payments are unlike other types of family legal issues in that they are not resolved with a onetime agreement or transaction. Orders for child support can be in place for years or decades, making it very possible for changes and disputes to arise over time and upset a current arrangement.

However, whether a child support plan has been in place for a week or a decade, you need to understand the importance of sticking to the court-approved terms and fulfilling your parental obligations. Failure to do this can and should be addressed quickly; otherwise your child could end up paying the price.

With a divorce, "where" and "when" matters

25731070_S.jpgWhen a couple divorces, they may have a great many things on their mind. Bitterness, frustration or other emotional upset over the ending of their marriage. Financial worries, with concerns over what their economic condition will look like after the divorce. If they have children, the details of their child custody arrangements, if they will receive or pay child support and how to deal with separate households with their kids.

One thing most people probably don't consider is where the proceedings for their marriage dissolution may take place. For many people in this area, it will naturally occur in a Missouri family court in the St. Louis area. However, for many, the situation could become much more complex.