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Father's should have chance to share custody

A bill has been passed by the Missouri legislature and is awaiting action by the governor that would require that family court judges in the state begin child custody actions with the presumption that if the parents cannot agree, a shared parenting plan with equal time between parents will be the default plan.

The bill is strongly supported by father's rights organizations, who feel that courts often treat fathers as a visitor to their children and not as a parent. One man is profiled in a news story as receiving every other weekend with his son complains that he "is not a weekend dad."

Sometimes, it's the little things

A woman writes about how difficult things were after her divorce. She had two young daughters, who like many young children wanted to Disneyland. She noted that this was something she could not afford at that time, and she told her children that they would go, but she would need to work and save for the trip.

The girls, who were riding around a supermarket at the time in a shopping cart designed to carry two children in a front section that contained steering wheels. The girls were having a good time "driving" around the store. On her way out to the parking lot, she had an inspiration and decided to make this shopping cart like a "ride" at Disneyland.

Understanding divorce and your car loans, pt.2

9865747_S.jpgIn our last post, we were discussing how you could be forced to pay a for a car that your former spouse had been assigned in your divorce.

You may be outraged by this, believing your divorce agreement made them responsible for this vehicle and its debt. Technically, in this situation, you would pay the remaining deficiency balance and then sue your former spouse under the terms of the divorce agreement.

Understanding divorce and your car loans, pt.1

During a divorce, you can become rather fo18964514_S.jpgcused on your goal of separating yourself and your finances from your spouse. If you don't have children and won't have a child custody agreement or visitation issues to deal with, you may be able to make a fairly clean break from your former spouse.

Your divorce settlement is a contract that divides your assets and liability and apportions them between you and your former spouse. If, like many Missouri residents, you owned multiple vehicles, in the property division section of your divorce settlement, you probably assigned one vehicle to each party.

Dealing with relocations and a child custody order

9092700_S.jpgYou may have been married in St. Louis and lived your married life here. You may then have divorced at a court in St. Louis. With the great upheaval of your divorce, the separating of your household into two independent units, the interaction between you and your former spouse and operational details of the child custody or visitation schedule, you may find other challenges and changes.

You could be faced with the challenge of either needing to change jobs or of having a job change forced upon you. This would be difficult under any circumstances, but at this time in these circumstances, it can be almost too much.

Domestic violence and divorce

27923022_S.jpgThere are few issues more difficult than dealing with allegations of domestic violence during a divorce case. If there is violence going on in a marriage, the already difficult of emotional and psychological challenges of a divorce will be all the greater. If you are accused of domestic violence, preventing those issues from overwhelming the entire proceeding may be difficult.

Some this can be seen in the current divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. After a short marriage of little more than a year, a divorce was filed and a brief time later, allegations of domestic violence appeared.

Insurance issues with divorce

40439546_S.jpgDivorce requires the examination of many things you may not really deal with much in your daily life. Insurance is one very important area that needs to be dealt with during your divorce. From life insurance to health insurance, you need to understand how your divorce will change how these policies work and the types of insurance policies you may need.

For instance, if you and your spouse are relatively young and healthy, you may not have life insurance or disability insurance. If you have children, life insurance is generally a good idea, to protect your children should one of you die suddenly in an accident or of an illness.

"I had no good reason"

44249634_S.jpgA woman writes of the time her former husband asked for 50/50 or shared custody of their children, she wanted to refuse him. She had received primary physical custody after their divorce. The girls were two and five, and he was not in a good place to care for them. But after the woman's father developed cancer, she needs the girl's father to help out getting the girls ready for daycare.

Originally, he only had visitation for a few hours every weekend with no overnights. Then, after months of helping out mornings, the girls would spend a full day with their dad on the weekends. He even had dinner with them at the woman's home. He would watch the girls some evenings when she ran errands.