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Money-saving tips for working with a family law attorney: Part II

23950163_S.jpgIn our last post, we began a discussion about ways to save money during a divorce or other family law dispute. While some people will tell you to forego the use of an attorney altogether, this is usually not a good idea. The settlement you reach with your former spouse may be unbalanced, unfair and unable to meet your long-term needs.

Instead, it's a good idea to work with an attorney you can trust, and save money by limiting billable hours in practical ways. In today's post, we'll discuss more of these cost-saving tips.

Stange Law Firm, PC Opens New Branch in Sangamon County, Illinois in Springfield

Sangamon county 2.pngStange Law Firm, PC is opening a new branch of Stange Law Firm, PC in Sangamon County in Springfield, Illinois. This office will help better serve the firm's clients in Sangamon County and the surrounding area. This is the ninth full-time office for the firm and the eleventh when appointment only offices are included. The new office is set to open on February 2nd, 2015.

Money-saving tips for working with a family law attorney: Part I

13673481_S.jpgIt's no secret that divorce can be expensive. In fact, most legal matters are. The expense associated with divorce sometimes prompts couples do take the do-it-yourself approach. But in such cases, the divorce settlement reached may be unfair and may end up costing much more money in the long run.

There are smarter ways to save money than trying to divorce without the representation of an attorney. In fact, many cost-saving measures have to do with how to best utilize your attorney's time and legal knowledge.

The lessons we can sometimes learn from celebrity divorce

15723569_S.jpgEarlier this week, we wrote about some sage divorce advice given by actress Anna Kendrick, whose parents divorced when she was a teenager. America's fascination with celebrity divorce drama is most often just a form of voyeuristic entertainment. But every once in a while celebrities prove to be good role models for coping with divorce and maintaining a positive sense of self.

Recently, actress Reese Witherspoon publicly shared her own story of how divorce has impacted her career. Her story is a reminder that the consequences of divorce can reach into many aspects of our lives, but that it does not have to permanently define us.

The potential dangers of 'staying together for the kids'

20142157_S.jpgAmerica's celebrity-obsessed culture often devotes a lot of media attention to the family law issues facing the rich and famous. This is in spite of the fact that most celebrities have little reason to be considered relationship role models.

But there are rare instances in which celebrities have wisdom to share. Recently, rising star Anna Kendrick discussed the issue of a divorce from a viewpoint that many can relate to. Like many kids of her generation, Kendrick is a child of divorce.

First divorces in America date back to colonial times

5920092_S.jpgDivorce in the United States has only become common practice within the last half-century. Before then, it was not impossible to dissolve a marriage, but it was certainly more difficult. Divorce also came with a social stigma strong enough to keep many unhappy couples from pursuing it.

Nonetheless, divorce in America has been around longer than the country itself. In fact, an article recently published in Smithsonian Magazine notes that the second divorce ever granted in the "New World" happened this week in 1643. For those doing the math, that was 372 years ago.

Many unhappy couples look to January as best time to divorce

27085305_S.jpgNow that 2015 has arrived, many Americans are working to fulfill their New Year's resolutions. For some, this might mean getting to the gym. For others, it might mean quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol or going on a diet.

But for a significant number of Americans, the start of a new year means finally filing for divorce. In recent decades, January has earned a reputation as "divorce month." This is due to the spike in divorce filings and attorney inquiries that seem to start in early January each year.

Life events could force a change in your divorce arrangement

12621752_S.jpgSometimes life throws you a curveball, and it won't relent or "take it easy on you" even if you're already dealing with something major such as a current or recently completed divorce. A new job in a new state may open up. A family member may pass away. You may suffer a medical emergency. You could be laid off from your job, or the company you work for may reduce your salary due to a poor year for the company.

All of these major life events are obviously made much more difficult to handle during a divorce. But now add in the fact that you may have custody of your child, or that you may have to make support payments to your ex in order to fulfill your child support or spousal support obligations.

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