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The experience of others in divorce

Overconfidence bias can be a problem in many areas of life. Drivers often drive too fast or while intoxicated due to overconfidence bias, believing themselves to be highly-skilled drivers based purely on their, to that point in time, not having been involved in an accident.

If you have not been through a divorce in Missouri, you may think you understand the process and how it will all work. Maybe you have had a friend or acquaintance that has been divorced. If they have shared details of their case, you may have some insight into the process, but your experience will not be identical. Your spouse, judge, attorneys and you are all different and will lead to a different experience.

Cal Ripken Jr. announces divorce after 29 years

27476629_S.jpgIt may seem from the outside that a couple who has been married 20, 30 or 40 years has marriage figured out. But no St. Louis marriage is divorce-proof. Sometimes, after decades together, new problems arise that the spouses cannot overcome without separating.

We don't know what caused baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. and his wife Kelly to get divorced after 29 years, but the couple recently finalized their divorce. Terms of the divorce are sealed.

The unpleasant novelty

43431120_S.jpgFor a great number of people, divorce is a novel experience. They have never experienced anything like it. And that may not be a good thing. Divorce is many things, both an emotional rollercoaster and a technical legal procedure.

Knowledge is power and the better you understand the technical aspects of a divorce and what it actually does and means for the rest of your life, the better prepared you will be to work with your attorney.

Divorce can be a challenge for adult children, too

18710647_S.jpgDivorce brings many complexities to your life. No, perhaps more accurately, it brings different complexities to your life. Take, for instance, divorce for a couple who is in their 50s or 60s. Their children are now adults, possibly with children of their own. So during the divorce, there will be no prolonged or contentious discussions of child custody or visitation issues, nor will there be any questions relating to child support payments.

Seemingly, this will make the divorce process easier, but it may make the post-divorce situation more complex. Consider this, during a divorce, you have to work with your spouse to create a workable parenting plan, especially if you have joint or shared custody. You need to plan which holidays and birthdays you will spend with your children.

Pregnant and divorcing? What you need to know

14202797_S.jpgBeing pregnant can be an incredibly difficult time in a woman's life, between the physical discomfort, the emotional peaks and valleys and the constant changes that come with such a dynamic event. Fathers-to-be also face some challenges when it comes to being supportive and planning for the future.

As tough as this time already is for expectant parents, it can become even more distressing if it coincides with the filing of a divorce. If you are someone who is expecting a baby and also divorcing, you have a lot on your plate and it can certainly be overwhelming. 

It's not your parent's divorce

27476629_S.jpgTwo changes have resulted from technology and human behavior related to the technology.  In the past, if one spouse wished to check up on their husband or wife, they would have had to hire a private investigator or engage in the tedious and time-consuming activity themselves.

Today, most people in St. Louis carry on them a device that in many cases can provide a minute by minute record of their day and their movements. Your cellphone likely can produce a full record of all of your activities and in many cases photos, texts, physical locations and all of the apps you have used or websites you have visited.

Can you change your child support payment amount?

42892638_S.jpgWhen a judge issues the final order in a divorce case in Missouri that results in the dissolution of a marriage with children, an important component of that order will be the child support obligation.

The non-custodial parent, who is typically the parent with less time with the children, typically is required to make some amount child support payment to the custodial parent. This amount is generated by a complex calculation using a formula created by the Missouri legislature that involves the parents' incomes, the amount of time the children spend with each parent, the financial resources and needs of the child and the parents and multiple other factors.

Gray divorce and your retirement

27080778_S.jpgWhen a married couple looks towards retirement, they hope to have achieved some degree of financial stability. With the children gone, they may sell the family home, and with the proceeds of that sale, buy something smaller and that they will own outright. This allows them to eliminate the mortgage payment and the hidden cost of interest payments on that mortgage.

But for America's aging population, the there is another issue they may confront: Divorce. Recent statistics suggests that 25 percent of people age 50 and older are involved in a divorce. This can pose significant trouble for your prospect of enjoying your "golden years" in retirement.